Joe W. Lacey
Actor * Model * Spokesperson * Voice Talent

Birmingham, Alabama 35215

Also Credited As:
   Joe Lacey  

Performer Profile

Height: 6 feet
Age Range:  40 - 55
Physique:    Average
Hair Color:   Salt/Pepper
Hair Length: Receding
Eyes:          Green
Ethnicity:     Caucasian
Voice Type:  Baritone / Bass

Self, aka. Lacey Enterprises, / Joe Lacey
  Birmingham, Alabama 35215 United States 

Film – Representative Roles:
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'42'                  Bassball Fan, Backgroud Artist   Legendary Pictures & Warner Bros.
What Do You Stand For?                  President Ted Yorker                  Life Study Productions
Levitical Law Kid                             Dad                                            StudentLife Productions
StarTrek - Lexington          Voice Over and Backgrounds       Spare Time Productions / CBS Paramount Television
E.O.D. Blaster                                 D.E.A. Agent                              Will Interactive Productions
Fire and Ice                                     On Camera Spokesman               StudentLife Productions
Panic Before the Storm                    Nicholas (Father of the Bride)       Outlaw Productions
This Prison Has No Bars          Cheating Husband                C of C Productions / Armand Egnew
War of the Words             Dan - The Husband              United Way Productions
Jim and Foxx            Airline Pilot          AirMobile Productions

Commercials - Representative Roles:

Chevrolet LMG Dealers Commercial Actor Straight Furrow Productions
All Pro Auto Parts Commercial ActorDill Productions / Norton Dill
Various Projects   Various Roles      Various Production Companies

Theater - Representative Roles:

1776 (Musical)    Thomas Jefferson   Children's Theatre / Jim Rye
I'm Not RappaportPete DanforthFestival Theatre
Mind GamesWriter/Producer/Misc Cast and Crew    Fuel M. Productions / Jan Jacobi
A MidSummers Night  Lysander       Carson Theatre Productions / David Elder
Dracula       Jonathan Harker    Carson/Jefferson Productions
Numerous ProductionsVarious Roles (Lead and Supporting)     Various Theatre Production Companies

Modeling - Representative Roles:

Numerous ProjectsMale Model, Print and Video     Various Clients
Headshots                  Joe W. Lacey

Infomercial - Representative Roles:

Commercial Billing ServicesCustomer / Misc CastAirMobile Productions

Industrial - Representative Roles:

Interactive Training, U. S. Military      D.E.A. Agent                             Will Interactive, Inc.
General Motors Of Canada        Sales Customer  Wilson Learning
Blue Cross Coverage         DoctorBlue Cross Blue Shield Production Dept.
OSHA - Safety Training             Lead Facilitator / Spokesman     Dill Productions / Norton Dill
Employee Review Process Training   Ensamble Cast Member             S.C.S. Corporate Productions
Numerous Projects           Credits Available Various

Voice Over

Star Trek - Lexington                       Voice Over Talent                        Spare Time Productions / CBS Paramount Television
Fire and Ice                                     On Camera Spokesman & V/O     StudentLife Productions
Ongoing Projects       Spokesman / Announcer      Cathedral Productions

Performer Skills

Athletic Skills: Swimming, Cycling
Accents: Southern
Performance Skills: Voiceover, Host, Teleprompter, Improvisation


University Of Alabama, Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, Voice and Acting
Jefferson State College, Stage Acting, Set Building, Theatrical Sound Techniques, Television Production
Academy of the Performing Arts, Stage Performance, Improv, Comedy, Ensemble

Employment Details

Work History : Film, Theater, Industrial, Radio, Commercial, Voice Over, Internet
Job Categories: Acting, Producing, Casting, Production, Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Special Effects, Misc Crew
Authorized to work in United States: Yes
Primary Citizenship: United States
Valid Passport: Yes
Prior Job Title(s):

Professional Media Talent
Film / Video * Print * Sound * Stage

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